Global estimations

Number of dwellings 3.157
Number of buildings 28
Gross construction area 257,817 sqm
Site area 477,000 sqm
Housing 86%
Retail 10%
Public facilities 4%
Number of private parking spaces 4,461
Gross parking area in built structure 114,130 sqm
Private investment €293.9M
Operation type

New construction

Project Description

The intervention area of Vale de Santo António links the river Tagus with Penha de França, its southern limit being less than 15 minutes walking from Santa Apolónia railway and Metro station (Blue Line). It is the largest urban rehabilitation operation in Lisbon, after Expo 98 and Alta de Lisboa, and is approximately 2 km from the Castle of São Jorge.

This area was initially intended for the development of housing for a high purchasing power segment, taking advantage of the huge potential of panoramic views over the river Tagus and its proximity to the historic centre of Lisbon.

The transformations that will be made here aim to offer the best urban quality to middle class families, with accessible prices and a high level of public spaces, including an urban park, shops, services, child care and school facilities, as well as cultural and sports facilities. It will undoubtedly be one of the best neighbourhoods to live in Lisbon.

This area is in the civil parishes of Penha de França, Beato and São Vicente, between Avenida General Roçadas, Alto de São João and the river Tagus.


Technical Documents

•    Location data sheet

•    Lisboa Interativa website (including technical and planning information)

•    Vale de Santo António Urban Development Plan

•    Lisbon Municipal Master Plan
•    Regulamento Municipal de Urbanização e Edificação de Lisboa (Lisbon Municipal Urban Planning and Building Regulations)
•    “Vila Macieira” – Launch of Public Tender for Public Works Concession approved at the Meeting of the Lisbon Municipal Council on 11/10/2018

Global Estimations

Affordable rent
Free market
Number of dwellings 49 22
Number of buildings 1 1
Gross construction area 4,090 sqm 1,920 sqm
6,010 sqm
Site area 4,920 sqm
Housing 85%
Retail 15%
Public facilities -
Number of private parking spaces 59 26
Gross parking area in built structure 2,158 sqm 1,928 sqm
Private investment €9M
Operation type Urban regeneration

Project Description

This operation, located in Calçada dos Barbadinhos, was developed in the context of an industrial area with several examples of housing structures for workers (Vila Macieira, Pátio do Eduardo), whose memories and formal characteristics are to be interpreted in the project.

The proposed intervention is based on the reconstruction of Vila Macieira, where the original volumetry is to be reinstated. In the same way, The image of the buildings should translate the compositional logic of the mews that originated at the beginning of the 20th century, with due regard to the current urban context.

At the same time, the project will ensure the transition between the scale of the Vila Macieira buildings and the scale of the consolidated surroundings, currently characterized by precarious industrial buildings (Quinta do Gusmão). It will also explore one of the most characteristic features of the old Vila Macieira, which is its original relationship with the street facing buildings, where the mews, like many other in the city, were built at the back with access through an arch under the building itself.