Global estimations

Affordable rent

Free market

Number of dwellings 390 296
Number of buildings 6 4
Gross construction area above ground 41,585 m2 31,350 m2
72,934 m2
Site area 92,252 m2
Housing 80%
Retail 13%
Public facilities 7%
Number of private parking spaces 744
Gross parking area in built structure 15,322 m2 10,885 m2
Private investment €103M
Operation type Urban regeneration

Project Description

The Affordable Housing Program intervention area in Restelo is located between the Caramão da Ajuda and the hillside of Restelo, in the city gates, and by the Monsanto forestry park. Its privileged position high in the Restelo hill provides wide views over the river and the Ajuda slope.

This area proximity to Lisboa, but still between the green lung that Monsanto is and the Tagus river, and being it served by a wide variety of services, brings along a large range of possibilities.

Multiple learning institutions deliver a complete coverage of educational services, while several sports clubs give access to almost every desired sporting activity.

The availability of cultural offers is also extensive, being this area close to the Belém monuments, two Botanical Gardens, and the Ethnology Museum.

This intervention area also plans the construction of a health clinic, as complement to the nearby São Francisco de Xavier Hospital.