Global Estimations

Affordable rent
Free market
Number of dwellings 363 194
Number of buildings 4 3
Gross construction area 36,832 sqm 18,444 sqm
55,276 sqm
Site area 75,171 sqm
Housing 91%
Retail 2%
Offices 5%
Public facilities 2%
Number of private parking spaces 406 216
Gross parking area in built structure 18,351 sqm 8,363 sqm
Private investment €59M
Operation type Urban regeneration

Project Description

The intervention area of Quinta do Marquês de Abrantes, in the civil parish of Marvila, is situated in the eastern part of Lisbon, on Rua João José Cochofel, and has a clear overview to the river Tagus.

This project is located next to a Escola Básica 2.3 school, as well as the Marvila railway halt (Azambuja line), with a direct link to Roma-Areeiro and Entrecampos (Metro Stations), and also has two bus routes.

Under the Accessible Rent Programme, buildings mainly for residential use are to be built, including small business and an area of services. This area is 15 minutes walking from Braço de Prata, with its ongoing urban regeneration projects, including the future public garden in that riverside area.



•    Lisboa Interativa website (including technical and planning information)
•    Lisbon Urban Regeneration Area
•    Lisbon Municipal Master Plan
•    Regulamento Municipal de Urbanização e Edificação de Lisboa (Lisbon Municipal Urban Planning and Building Regulations)


Operação Benfica e Marvila:
•    Proposal for the launch of Public Tender for Public Works Concession approved at the Meeting of the Lisbon City Council on 21/12/2018
•    Drafts of the Procurement Documents