Global estimations

Affordable rent
Free market

Number of dwellings

55 30
Number of buildings 3 3
Gross construction area above ground 4,338 sqm 2,935 sqm
7,274 sqm
Site area 9,838 sqm
Housing 91%
Retail 9%
Private investment


Operation type Urban regeneration

Project Description

The intervention area of Paço da Rainha is located in the centre of Lisbon, in the civil parish of Arroios. It is delimited by Rua de Santa Bárbara, Largo do Cabeço de Bola, Rua da Escola do Exército and Rua das Barracas, with origins in the 18th century and a high concentration of municipal properties.

This area, opposite to Paço da Rainha and close to Campo Mártires da Pátria, is a peaceful zone of central Lisbon, with an excellent public transport network (5 minutes walking from the Green line Metro stations Anjos and Intendente, as well from the Carris bus routes). It is located next to Campo Mártires da Pátria Garden and 15 minutes walking  from Torel Garden, which offers one of the best panoramic views of Lisbon.
It well equipped with public services and has many local shops, particularly along and close to Av. Almirante Reis and Campo Mártires da Pátria.

The projects to be developed in this area will significantly improve the quality and coherence of these urban fabric, as well as the surrounding public spaces, transforming them into a high-quality residential area.
The intervention on the buildings will be in coordination with the improvements in public spaces, to ensure that they work closely with the residential buildings, given the scale and intimate character of this neighbourhood.


•    Deliberation n.º 169/AML/2021 - Prposal n.º 139/CM/ /2021 only in portuguese

•    Lisbon Municipalilty Master Plan only in portuguese

•    Regulamento Municipal de Urbanização e Edificação de Lisboa (Lisbon Municipal Urban Planning and Building Regulation)

•    Regime Jurídico da Urbanização e Edificação (Urban Planning and Building Legal Framework)