Global estimations

Affordable rent
Free market
Number of dwellings 218 154
Number of buildings 4 2
Gross construction area 18,000 sqm 11,085 sqm
29,085 sqm
Site area 21,810 sqm
Housing 95%
Retail & Offices 2%
Public facilities 3%
Number of private parking spaces 256 182
Gross parking area in built structure 7,150 sqm 5,500 sqm
Private investment €29.5M
Operation type Urban regeneration

Project description

The "Operação Renda Acessível Belém-Lumiar-Parque das Nações” (Affordable Rent Operation Belém-Lumiar-Parque das Nações) is composed of three areas of intervention with the estimated construction of 218 affordable housing units, from a total of 372 dwellings:

  • In the intervention area of Belém is planned the construction of 40 affordable housing units in Alvisse Cadamosto Street;
  • In the intervention area of Lumiar is planned the construction of 62 affordable housing units in Rua Prof. Orlando Ribeiro, plot G2;
  • In the intervention area of Parque das Nações, it is planned the construction of 270 dwellings, of which 116 affordable housing units in plot C and in the Free Land located in Rua Joaquim Alves Correia.

This operation includes the construction of two kindergardens, one in Belém and another in the Parque das Nações, as well as the construction of quality public spaces in the three locations.