Global estimations

Affordable rent
Free market
Number of dwellings 157 116
Number of buildings 3 1
Gross construction area above ground 12,431 sqm 8,336 sqm
20,767 sqm
Site area 16,742 sqm
Housing 97%
Retail & Offices 1%
Public facilities 2%
Number of private parking spaces 141 136
Gross parking area in built structure 4,513 sqm 3,884 sqm
Private investment €31.2M
Operation type Urban regeneration

Project description

The intervention area of Parque das Nações, located in the city’s northeast in one of the most recent Lisbon parishes, characterized by the contemporary architecture of the buildings built in the wake of the 1998 World Fair, will see the construction of four buildings over an area of over 18,000 square meters.

Besides the residential area, the urban regeneration will include the building of a kindergarten as well as quality public spaces.

The urban sprawl in Parque das Nações has access to a wide range of amenities, is well serviced by public transportation, and is provided with schools, supermarkets, a mall, and even an oceanarium and a casino.