Global estimations

Affordable rent
Free market
Number of dwellings 569 187
Number of buildings 3 3
Gross construction area 44,762 sqm 24,652 sqm
68,856 sqm
Site area 28,094 sqm
Housing 78%
Offices 15%
Retail 5%
Public facilities 2%
Number of private parking spaces 695 318
Number of public parking spaces in built structure 217
Gross parking area in built structure 27,561 sqm 8,947 sqm
Private investment €105M
Operation type Urban regeneration

Project Description

The site at Avenida Marechal Teixeira Rebelo, in the civil parish of Benfica, offers a privileged location, making the transition between a consolidated urban fabric (Benfica) and a large public garden, the historical Quinta da Granja. It is 5 minutes away from: the Colégio Militar transport interface, with Metro and numerous bus connections, Colombo Shopping Centre, Sport Lisboa e Benfica Sports Complex and just opposite Hospital da Luz.

Height buildings are due to be built, intended mainly for residential use, including a nursery, a kindergarten, a continuing healthcare centre, as well as shops and services.





•    Lisboa Interativa website (including urban planning information)
•    Detailed Plan Luz/Benfica Urban Axis
•    Lisbon Municipal Master Plan
•    Regulamento Municipal de Urbanização e Edificação de Lisboa (Lisbon Municipal Urban Planning and Building Regulation)


Operation Benfica e Marvila:
•    Drafts of the Procurement Documents (Procurement documents under review)